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Where can I find my grades/weighting?

You will be able to find your grades and weighting in your MDRS on Canvas or Dashboard on The Portal.

Why do I get an error message after I have entered my grades?

For a number grade, possible values are: 1-100.

The weighting of your assignments- the percentage must add up to 100%

For working out your final year grade, credit's must add up to 120

How do I know what grades I need to get to reach my target goal?

  1. Select how many assignments your module has
  2. Enter your current grades with their weighting
  3. You can then enter possible grades until you discover what overall grade you want to achieve
  4. You will then have some understanding as to what grade you need to work towards and beyond to reach your target grade

Why does the calculator show two grades?

This is in order to provide more accuracy for calculating your predicted grade.

Navigating Around Grade Calculator

  1. Select how many assignments your module has
  2. Enter your grades and how much they are worth of the module in the drop down list
  3. Click 'Calculate your grade' to reveal your predicted grade
  4. If you want to make any changes you can click the 'reset' button, this will reset the page

Further Information

For any further information please contact the Exams Team

You can also find out more information on the HE Exams page on Canvas

For any technical queries about the App contact the DICE team